Ch-ch-ch Changes...

This has been one awesome year. And while this blog has been good to me, it doesn't quite fit my lifestyle any longer.... Why?

Well...in the past year, I:

  • Joined a roller derby league.
  • Found my alter ego, Trauma Queen.
  • Skated my ass off 3-4 days a week.
  • Captained an amazing team all the way to the championships.
  • Bought a little house, moved.
  • Got married, moved into a bigger house.
Needless to say, I've been busy and struggling to find time to blog. I'm finally on a derby break and able to revamp my blog into something a little more...fitting!  So if you haven't stopped following me already, please visit me at my new home...

It's a fun mix of food and the exciting sport I play, which allows me to hit girls. What's better? I hope to get back in the swing of cooking now that we are settling into our new home and finding a balance between family and derby! I've missed you, and I'm glad to return!

Note: The "kimdec.com" domain will eventually be retired and will redirect to cookinskates.com.


Leslie said...

Wow..you have had a busy year!!
Happy New Year to you!!

Kimmie said...

Thanks Leslie! :D