Ch-ch-ch Changes...

This has been one awesome year. And while this blog has been good to me, it doesn't quite fit my lifestyle any longer.... Why?

Well...in the past year, I:

  • Joined a roller derby league.
  • Found my alter ego, Trauma Queen.
  • Skated my ass off 3-4 days a week.
  • Captained an amazing team all the way to the championships.
  • Bought a little house, moved.
  • Got married, moved into a bigger house.
Needless to say, I've been busy and struggling to find time to blog. I'm finally on a derby break and able to revamp my blog into something a little more...fitting!  So if you haven't stopped following me already, please visit me at my new home...

It's a fun mix of food and the exciting sport I play, which allows me to hit girls. What's better? I hope to get back in the swing of cooking now that we are settling into our new home and finding a balance between family and derby! I've missed you, and I'm glad to return!

Note: The "kimdec.com" domain will eventually be retired and will redirect to cookinskates.com.


Roller Derby Stole My Heart :)

Hi cooking friends! So sorry for the lack of updates here. I haven't stopped cooking but I have started something new that is taking up most of my free time - ROLLER DERBY!

I do manage to keep cooking, but it's usually recipes I've already posted. I miss cooking, and I've been a lousy friend and neighbor at times.  But in derby, I found something physical that I absolutely love doing and I'm good at it. My derby family are such an amazing group of girls, and I'm so lucky to have the opportunity arise when it did.  I'm also very lucky that I can bring Lilly with me, and that she enjoys skating just as much as I do.

See that pic? That's me in the white. I'm playing jammer position, and I'm fighting my way through the pack. The jammer is the position that scores the points for the team, and the blockers are always looking to block or hit the jammer out of play.

Our league is the Brandywine Roller Girls. In that league, we have 3 teams:

I was voted co-captain of the Brass Knuckle Betties. What an honor! These girls are incredibly talented and it blows me away to think of how much we've learned in 4 short months. We look great out there, and we are selling out every bout!

But this league is brand new, and we need sponsors. And that's why I'm reaching out to you, blogger friends. My derby name is Trauma Queen. It would mean the world if you could sponsor me! 

A $5 donation would go to BRG, and you will get a "Jammer Star" in your name - placed on the wall at our home rink, Caln Skating Center.

Friends, please dig deep into those virtual sofa cushions and donate here. Indicate in the notes that you are sponsoring Trauma Queen.

If you'd like to sponsor the league at a corporate level, by all means, have a look at our sponsorship packet. Sponsorships begin at $250!

For my local friends, please try to make it to a bout - and when tickets go on sale, scoop them up quickly - each event sells out in days.

So thanks in advance, all! I hope to see you at the next BRG bout!

Hugs & hipchecks,

Trauma Queen